What Is The Best Ebook Reader? Can You Decide?


What Is The Best Ebook Reader? Can You Decide?

What is the best ebook reader?

The question when looking at virtually anything you want to buy, is often going to be which one is best? So, what is the best ebook reader? You will have come to this article to find out and I am going to help you to find out. The first thing I would like to say is that as is usually the case, there is more to the question than meets the eye. The two e-book reader devices that I am going to compare should be just the start in your quest to find the right one. It will help if you know what type of device you really want first and as such I will compare two readers that are quite different.

Kindle 3

    This is a dedicated e-book reader and does not have too many other applications which makes it simple and compact. It has the latest e-ink technology which gives great contrast It can be used in really bright sunlight just like a paperback It’s very small and compact so you could put it in your pocket (6” screen) A single charge of the battery gives you about 30days Crisp and dark font for great reading experience Stores an amazing 3500 books PDF compatible Will read a book out loud to you New ‘lend a book’ feature so you can share those inspirational novels Limited web browsing Built in Wi-Fi allowing 60second book downloads Has a keyboard so you can type in corrections to documents and comments on a book This is one of the most popular e-book readers available so far.

The Apple I-Pad

    This is quite a different type of gadget to the Kindle. It is less dedicated to reading books and attempts to combine several functions all in one unit. This is perhaps the way the market is going and it is up to you to decide whether or not you need all the extra functions that the Apple provides in your quest to find what is the best ebook reader It is quite a bit larger than the Kindle as is the screen at 9.7” It is also heavier at 1.5lbs over twice what the Kindle weighs LED backlit screen Full colour touch-screen technology 16GB,32GB, or up to 64GB of memory storage Can store up to 50,000 books which is astonishing Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Ability to be able to play games using the tilt and touch-screen technology Watch movies and videos Surf the internet Plays music with access to i-Tunes store

So, what is the best ebook reader ? Still a good question since we are not necessarily comparing like with like. One is more dedicated to ebook reading and the other, the Apple, is trying to be several things but with an e-book reader attached. What you must do to avoid an expensive mistake, is to judge whether or not some of those extra features of the I-Pad are going to be useful to you.

Some pros and cons for both models

Kindle 3

    Kindle will require a light to read it in the dark, but see accessories Outdated music playing system, MP3 Web browsing is limited and not as fluent as the Apple Screen is black and white only Some of these things could be viewed as subjective, since the Kindle does what it’s designed to do efficiently.

Apple I-Pad

    Battery life is adequate but may just pose a problem with so much going on Screen, as superb as it is, will reflect sunlight like a mirror when reading outdoors Browsing web on an I-Pad, can be peculiar since there is no flash player and this will not show all those adverts so leaving big blank spaces. Some will like the idea of no adverts If you think that the I-Pad will replace your lap-top, think again, multi-tasking is very limited

After reading this review it may become obvious that there is more to choosing an e-reader than at first meets the eye. It will be better to look at some more reviews of e-reading devices that are more of a match with each other before deciding what is the best ebook reader .


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