What Are The Best Kindle Covers?


Okay, so you have bought your Amazon Kindle and now you face the exciting choice of which kindle cover to choose, and lets be honest you need to cover these kindles because they are very petite and easily scraped and scratched. There is a huge range available from multiple producers but which one is right for you? We are gong to discuss a few of the options.

In my opinion there are three main contenders, Amazons very own Kindle Lighted Cover, the Tuff-Luv Kindle covers and the M-edge kindle covers. All 3 provide excellent protection for your Kindle but some out perform others. Lets have a look.

The Kindle Lighted Cover by Amazon is still my favourite, it is revered by thousands on the review panel on Amazon, last time I looked many thousands of people had given in 5 stars with an average of 4.5 stars across the board. Pretty impressive. The cover looks slick and stylish and comes in a rainbow of colours, and as it was designed by kindle themselves at Amazon they have cleverly designed it to clip in to place with the Kindle seamlessly and hold firmly then allow the light to run off the Kindles long-lasting battery. There is a reason this cover has sold the most out of all the contestants today, because it works very very well and provides the light, which the others don’t. The negative points about this option however are that the clips tend to make it short-circuit, but this has been resolved and any faulty Kindles have been replaced and repaired long ago.

The M-Edge Go is next, and is solid alternative to the lighted cover. It has many similar features, durable leather exterior, and a soft micro suede interior, but it doesn’t hold shut. This could be a problem if you have a bag and keep it in your bag because items and stuff can still get in and scratch the surface. It looks pretty though and comes in some funky colours and patterns.

The Tuff-Luv cover is a great buy, as it represents great value. It closes shut so debris cannot get in and comes with a very durable cover that certainly lives up to the tough name. Hand stitching and lifetime warranty is the clue here! This is also its downfall though as with the toughness comes bulk, and if you prefer the sleek and slender feel this may not suit you.

So here it is, three great Kindle Covers , but there can only be one winner. By now you probably guessed it, it has to be the Kindle Lighted Cover for me because of its inbuilt light for one, and protection and durability for seconds, which just elevates it above the other two. I hope you enjoyed reading this, if so please tell your friends with the like button!


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