Vinotemp Wine Coolers – A Brief History


Vinotemp Wine Coolers - A Brief History

For more than 25 years Vinotemp Wine Coolers have been used to store wine. Vinotemp is a designer and manufacturer of custom made wooden wine cabinets, wine-mate cooling systems and also a distributor of high quality metal wine coolers.

The creator of Vinotemp – Francis Ravel – originally started out by making and selling his own wine. His idea of putting a cooling unit into a wine cabinet was only the beginning and since starting in 1985, Vinotemp has sold more than a quarter million wine coolers in the United States and overseas.

Vinotemp wine coolers are well known for their quality, value and service. You will find them being used in Ritz Carlton Hotels and Hard Rock Cafes all over the world. At a time where it is important to keep American Jobs in America, all of Vinotemp’s custom made products are built in Southern California where the company is based. Catering for all budgets Vinotemp Wine Coolers has a very fast turn around time for custom made products and their metal wine coolers are shipped out the following day after the order is received. They also import some products – but these are the wine coolers that are easily affordable and do not require any custom design or manufacture.

From large walk in cellars to small counter top chillers, Vinotemp offer a large variety of wine coolers to suit everyone’s wine storage needs. In the actual wine cooler range they have 6 main categories.

1. The Eco Series/ Thermoelectric – these vinotemp wine coolers are pretty much as silent as you can get and are eco friendly as they do not use CFCs.

2. The Butler Series – with a powerful compressor the butler series looks after your wine whilst having a classic wine fridge look.

3. The Portofino Series – Silent thermoelectric technology combined with amazing furniture craftsmanship.

4. The Pro Series – With nice metal and wooden shelving and made from high-end stainless steel, these wine fridges are perfect for the kitchen or entertaining area.

5. Beverage Coolers – These Vinotemp Beverage Coolers are great for keeping your cans and bottles cold.

6. The Estate Series – Made with extremely beautiful hardwoods and thermoelectric cooling systems these Vinotemp wine coolers are stylish wine fridges.

Vinotemp wine coolers need to be kept in a dry place and there always needs to be a small amount of room behind the unit so that it can cool properly. Vinotemp wine coolers prolong the life of your wine by keeping it at a fairly cool constant temperature so that it doesn’t oxidize and go bad.


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