Valentines Day: You Cant Miss Deal At Easyacc


Valentines Day is less than a week away so not long to get yourself sorted! Never fear though, theres still plenty of time to buy online and here weve got a new release for Valentines Day gift idea as the perfect present for your perfect person.

With the massive amount of email checking, texting, mobile gaming and internet surfing everyone does, a reliable, portable charger has become essential to avoid the inevitable dead battery.

Based on amount of usage we were able to get, weight, size and overall functionality, we tested a variety of chargers weve released by mixing around charge times with an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 etc. in different situations to create a list of properties a power bank should shoulder.

Weve also added a few tests towards the end of the list that are more suitable for a day out rather than a long trip away, just in case youre just looking for a super light, quick backup charge. EasyAcc Classic Gen2 6400mAh power bank comes to your choice at the moment.

The black-and-white-color EasyAcc lives up to its name as a classic design and a classic must-have for daily battery juice supplement as well. The classic can be well taken along for daily outdoor thanks to its super portability (weighing in only at 4.66 oz) that holding in hand or putting in pocket not weighing you down at the same time.

As the updated the second-generation external battery, it boosts the capacity to 6400mAh, and ups the Micro-USB input to 2.1A, which means that it can offer 180% charge to a Samsung S5, 200% to a Nexus 5, 260% to an iPhone 6 within the shortest time, or a full charge in half the time when using a 2A adapter instead of a 1A adapter.

Moreover, the power bank packs a little LED flashlight which can be activated by pressing the power button twice (to avoid accidental usage), pretty handy if youre walking and talking on the phone in the dark while need to find something in a flash. Just as what EasyAcc promises: Your Best Partner of Daily Mobile Life.

Upon it comes to the market this month, it has scored 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon based on the 96 customers reviews.

And on the occasion of love season, 25% off with the code: 2FXJVX3A from 10/02/15 to 13/02/15. In addition, all love birds will get a free USB travel charger. Love day. No Power Off.

Whether you have a valentine or not, anyway, its a great time to give love to your friends, GF/BF, family or just yourself. Join hand with EasyAcc this Valentines Day for more surprises and possibilities.


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