USB Battery For Electronic Cigarettes Eliminates The Need For Chargers


USB Battery For Electronic Cigarettes Eliminates The Need For Chargers

Kiss your charger goodbye. JOYETECH has taken another step in the advancement in technology for electronic cigarettes. The JOYE eGo 650mAh manual USB pass-through battery simplifies they way you charge your electronic cigarette.

The problem with regular batteries is that you can’t use them while they are charging. An electronic cigarette user usually has two or three batteries to get around this problem. You end up charging backup batteries while another is being put to use. You also have to take your backup batteries with you to work or when you go out-and-about.

Constantly swapping batteries is bad for your electronic cigarette. Over time, the metal threads will wear out. If you don’t clean the threads of the atomizer and battery each time you swap batteries, then the metal contacts will get dirty which leads to malfunction or a costly short-circuit that fries your battery. You also have to keep the charger contacts clean on the charger itself.

JOYETECH’s eGo USB battery can last up to 6 hours without charging and eliminates the need to disconnect the battery from the atomizer. Any USB-a cable can be used to charge this battery. You can hook it up to your computer or laptop and charge your e-cig. If you have a cell phone that charges your phone with a USB-a cable, then you can use your cell phone car charger or wall charger to power up your electronic cigarette. You can also continue to use your e-cig while it is charging. This eliminates the need for more than one battery. The only time you ever need to remove the atomizer and battery from each other is when it is time to replace the atomizer.

There is no longer a reason to buy an electronic cigarette starter kit. Starter kits make for a nice way to buy everything you need in one package. Since you don’t need a charger anymore, and you probably have USB-a cables already, all you need to buy is a JOYETECH eGO manual USB pass-through battery, an eGo Atomizer, an eGo Cartridge and a supply of e-liquid.

The JOYETECH company continues to take a different approach to electronic cigarette production. Other electronic cigarette manufacturers depend on returning customers to buy extra parts and accessories for their electronic cigarettes. You would think JOYETECH would lose business by inventing products that last longer and cut the need to upsale added accessories, but they have found a solution to a customer problem and get to reap the rewards of innovation with a flood of new customers seeking to simplify their vaping experience and save money.

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