Touch Screen Watches: Essential Features That Define The Different Types


Touch Screen Watches: Essential Features That Define The Different Types

Not all touch screen watches are created equal. Some are ultra-powerful computer watches that can be customized to handle multiple tasks at a significant cost on your part. Others are relatively inexpensive models that are designed to give a (very) limited number of features.

If you want to find the right kind of touch screen watches to meet your needs, then you will definitely want to learn more about what sets the different types apart from each other:

Basic LED Watches

Many folks make the mistake of assuming all watches with wide screens, bright lights and high-tech appeal are smart watches. No, there are many touch watches out there that look like they are smart devices but are actually incapable of handling more advanced computing tasks. They simply have a touch interface that allows you to do very basic things like adjust the time, access calculators or play rudimentary games.

Feature Watches

Some touch screen watches come bundled with one or two very specific features, like the ability to play music, record sound, indicate altitude, display temperatures, monitor blood pressure etc. These watches tend to cost much less than their other more advanced counterparts, but they are often not customizable and do little else other than tell the time along with what feature they are designed to carry out.

Bluetooth Watches

Bluetooth watches can be considered the first true smart watches in this list. They have just enough processing power to connect to more advanced devices, like tablets or smart phones. However, these types of touch screen watches are capable only of receiving alerts like calls, emails or text messages. You will then have to use your phone or tablet to actually deal with the alerts sent to your watch.

Cell Phone Watches

Phone watches are a significant step up in wearable technology. They not only have Bluetooth connectivity but have much more computing power in order to handle calls and text messages, which is why they tend to cost more than their simpler LED and Bluetooth counterparts. The touch interface is also more robust and akin to the home screen of your typical smart phone, allowing you to work with a Bluetooth headphone or to hold up the watch to your head as you speak.

Touch Android Watches

These are the cream of the crop when it comes to touch screen watches. Armed with dual-core processors that can handle more complex tasks, these watches are the closest you can get to wearable high-power smart technology on your wrists. Do be mindful of battery life when using resource-intensive apps, though, as the batteries are not as large as those on phones or tablets.

And there you have it: a list of the six common types of high-tech watches you can find in the market. Keep these in mind and you ought to have an easier time deciding whether you need simple watches with a specific feature or fully fledged touch screen watches that you can customize to suit a wider range of personal and professional needs!

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