The Samsung Es8000 – Changing Television


The new Samsung ES8000 Smart TV is a revolutionary television that has just hit the world center stage. This television is a SMART TV because it can connect to the Internet and you can not only surf the web but also play games and watch your favorite movies as well.

These new televisions are called LED TVs. LED stands for light emitting diode and these TVs use light emitting diodes instead of cold cathode fluorescent tubes to back light the LCD screen of the television. LEDs are much more energy efficient than the older style of LCD televisions and also produce a better image quality and can be manufactured for less as well. LED TVs are renowned for being very thin with the Samsung ES8000 being only 1,2 inches in thickness. There LED TVS are also a lot brighter and have a much higher level of contrast than other LCD televisions.

Featuring voice, gesture and profile recognition this new television is leading the way as far as interactive televisions go. The voice recognition lets you adjust settings and controls like volume, and channels and you can even tell your television to do other things as well (as long as they are related to the TV – I mean it is not going to clean your house for you) The gesture control allows you to also adjust the volume or change the channel with a small gesture movement like the wave of a hand. This is also great for playing games – it is very similar to a Nintendo Wi or a Microsoft Kinnect.

The ES800 also comes with a built in high definition camera that is at the top of the television. You can skype your family and friends on a huge screen from the luxury of your own sofa and lounge room. There are a stack of applications available for the ES8000 as well ranging from free ones like the face book and your tube apps to other more technical apps that you may have to pay a little bit for.

It is just like a Smart phone with apps but you also get to watch TV and movies as well. And speaking of movies the ES8000 is also a 3D TV and it comes with 4 sets of 3d glasses for all of those cool 3D movies that are available. The Samsung ES8000 has really redefined the way that people watch television. You should be able to find a Samsung es8000 review online if you are interested in learning more about this television and are considering one for the future of your family entertainment.


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