Best Ebook Reader – Which One?

Now you have found this particular article, I hope I can help you with the question that you have posed. Firstly, it’s not as simple as the question suggests, so what I will do is take two very different e-reader devices and compare them in a general way first. This will help you to narrow down the field and help you actually choose from the right category of e-book reader device rather than make an expensive mistake.

Below I have listed a few features of two of the most popular electronic reading devices so you can get more of an idea of what to expect.

First up is the Kindle 3

    It has the very latest e-Ink technology (looks like real print) Gives very crisp and dark contrast, makes it easy to read Non-reflective screen makes it a joy to read in the brightest of sunshine The whole unit is small and supremely transportable Weighs so little, even less than the paperback you are used to Thin as a pencil yet can store 3500 books/newspapers/magazines or documents Battery life good for a mission to the moon at 30 days Kindle will read to you when you get tired Wi-Fi and PDF built in Complete with keyboard annotate books/documents Download a book in 60 secs

Apple I-Pad

    This has a much larger display at 9.7 inches Full colour backlit touch-screen technology Up to 64GB memory capacity (optional) Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Battery life of a very reasonable 10 hours Play games on it with tilt and touch-screen Read books magazines and newspapers Watch a movie View full colour HD pictures Surf the internet If you like Apps, then this is where it’s at Very comprehensive, good looking quality device

These two electronic reader devices do not really compete with each other. Continue reading Best Ebook Reader – Which One?

What Is The Best Ebook Reader To Buy?

You may have come to this article to find the answer to that question, well i'm going to try and give you the answer to that question. What you need to decide, is what you want the ebook reader to do, do you just want it for reading? or do you want it for more than just a reading device?

Well for you to decide this, you need to know what different features, different devices offer, this will help you decide which one is right for you.

So below I have put the different features that the different devices offer in terms of features and content which is offered.

Kindle 3

The latest e-ink technology, for better contrast You can use it in bright sunlight and there will be no glare Crisp dark fonts for easy reading Small body design with a 6″ screen for reading A single charge of the device can last for up to a month It can store up to 3,500 books Includes built in wi-fi allowing you to download books in less than 60 seconds PDF reader built in Browse the web over wi-fi You can lend books to friends with this device The Kindle also includes a read to me feature which will read your books out loud to you It is simple to use and does not require a computer to use it All your books can be backed up to the the kindle store The Kindle cannot play games and does not include apps The kindle 3 is purely a reading only device


9.7 inch display LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-touch technology 16GB, 32GB, 64GB storage available Built in wi-fi and bluetooth 10 hour battery life Ability to play games, using tilt and touch screen technology Ability to surf the internet, via wi-fi and 3g networks Can be used as an e-reader You can watch movies on the IPad Can access the iBooks store which is like the Kindle store for Kindle Includes the app store, millions of available applications available Good for many things, but is inferior to the kindle for reading

Are you still thinking, what is the best ebook reader to buy , after discovering the features of those devices? It is always going to come down to what you want in a device. Continue reading What Is The Best Ebook Reader To Buy?

Are Electronic E-book Readers Worth The Money?

Are Electronic E-book Readers Worth The Money?

Is it worth paying out money for an electronic e-book reader device? A lot will depend on how you look at the question. It will depend on how much you read for a start. But then again, we are not necessarily talking about just books. What do I mean by this?

Well the point is that there is a lot more to one of these devices than you might at first think. Continue reading Are Electronic E-book Readers Worth The Money?