The Samsung Es8000 – Changing Television

The new Samsung ES8000 Smart TV is a revolutionary television that has just hit the world center stage. This television is a SMART TV because it can connect to the Internet and you can not only surf the web but also play games and watch your favorite movies as well.

These new televisions are called LED TVs. LED stands for light emitting diode and these TVs use light emitting diodes instead of cold cathode fluorescent tubes to back light the LCD screen of the television. LEDs are much more energy efficient than the older style of LCD televisions and also produce a better image quality and can be manufactured for less as well. Continue reading The Samsung Es8000 – Changing Television

Samsung Es8000 – Is It Leading The Way?

The new Samsung ES8000 is a TV that is taking the world by the remote – well actually it is taking the remote out of your hands and replacing it with nothing at all. This new television is the first gesture and voice controlled TV in the world and is really only the beginning as far as Smart TVs are concerned.

Lets have a look at why this television is so smart. First of all the Samsung ES8000 comes with a dual core processor, which allows users to do pretty much anything they please. Continue reading Samsung Es8000 – Is It Leading The Way?

Is The Samsung Es8000 Smart TV The Future Of Entertainment?

The Samsung ES8000 “Super OLED” TV is a new super slim, super bright Smart TV that was brought to the world’s attention at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2012.

With a dual-processor, voice and gesture recognition, camera, and smart hub for apps, content and Internet search, the ES8000 Super OLED TV is an amazing feat of technology.

OLED or organic light-emitting diode screens are brighter and thinner, cost less to manufacture and use less power than conventional LCD screens.

The Samsung ES8000 SMART TV contains dual microphones and a HD camera which makes it the perfect tool for face to face (Skype) calls and with its revolutionary voice, gesture and face recognition you no longer need to go searching under the couch for the TV remote. Continue reading Is The Samsung Es8000 Smart TV The Future Of Entertainment?