How to Fix Window Updates Errors

“RpcRtRemote.dll” initializes Windows update components. So, why are people having problems with this file if it serves a very simple purpose? If the computer couldn’t access it, it’d be impossible to complete the installation of update packages. Of course, not updating a PC’s OS is the same as keeping it vulnerable to attacks.

What exactly happens when the error is triggered? Simply put, you’ll see the “BSOD”. The error message that would appear on the computer screen goes like this, “C:WindowsSystem 32RpcRtRemote.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error”. Continue reading How to Fix Window Updates Errors

How To Fix System and File Errors

Even the best computers encounter system and file errors. The best thing to do when problems related to an msdt.exe occurs is to know what it is and to identify the root of the problem. It is an executable file developed by Microsoft that is used by many applications. This file is used in the systems of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It plays an important role as it works for the installer, browsers, and for logging-in.

“EXE” files carry instructions that a computer follows to perform a task. Continue reading How To Fix System and File Errors

How To Fix Peer Name Resolution Protocol Service Errors

The “pnrpsvc” is a part of Microsoft Windows OS. It is a system and hidden file, located in the system folder and the usual size is around 269,824 bytes. The pnrpsvc.dll process is safe and disabling it can be risky, because programs on your computer need it to function properly.

An Overview of This “DLL” File

The acronym stands for Peer Name Resolution Protocol Service; it is a library of published name resolution protocols enabling internet hosts to distribute peer names and their corresponding IPv6 addresses and other data. Continue reading How To Fix Peer Name Resolution Protocol Service Errors

How to Fix a Computer Error

How to Fix a Computer Error

When you are to run a program in your PC, there are times that system glitches occur. These glitches can be traced mostly in the “SYS” files that are installed together with your Windows operating system. One file in particular that can be corrupted is the “dxgmms1.sys”. It is a Microsoft “DirectX” Graphics “MMS” system driver file that is important for program start-ups and for performing specific computer functions like printing and viewing ISO images. Continue reading How to Fix a Computer Error

How to Dispose of Your Old Computer

Technology is constantly changing. New models of computers and smart phones come out faster than most people can keep up with. You can buy a top-of-the-line computer and it will be obsolete in a few short years. But when you do buy that new computer, what are you supposed to do with the old one? Did you know that there are actually laws regulating how you can dispose of a computer? You can’t just throw it out with the trash. Here are a few ways that you can legally get rid of that old computer of yours.

Sell It

This is probably one of the simplest things to do. Continue reading How to Dispose of Your Old Computer

How to Fix “Tasklist” Error

How to Fix

“Tasklist.exe” is a Mirosoft Windows program that lists the processes that are currently running within the computer system. It is available in Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista. If you’re using Windows, you probably have it.

This exe file is useful in knowing what the computer is doing and discovering errant tasks. You can utilize this on a local or remote computer by accessing the command prompt and typing tasklist. Continue reading How to Fix “Tasklist” Error

How to Fix Print Ticket Services Module Errors

How to Fix Print Ticket Services Module Errors

Though you probably think that the problem you’re facing right now is quite rare, it actually isn’t. Countless people throughout the world wish to fix prntvpt.dll errors. Well, unlike most of them, you’ve stumbled upon this article. You’ve found a guide that not only tells you how to solve the issue, but also makes you more knowledgeable about the DLL.

Knowing for Certain

So, how do you know if your PC’s “pmtvpt” file needs fixing? You just have to check whether these error messages appear on your computer screen:

    Prntvpt.dll is missingPrntvpt.dll could not be foundPrntvpt.dll not foundCannot load “prntvpt.dll”The program cannot start because prntvpt.dll is missing from your computer.

Learn More about the DLL

What exactly is prntvpt? Where is it located? It is a Dynamic Link Library file that is used in Windows operating systems such as XP, Vista, and 7. Continue reading How to Fix Print Ticket Services Module Errors

How to Repair “Twain Dll” Errors

Have you ever opened your Windows Task Manager to clean up extra or unused processes and applications on your PC? If you have, then you are probably familiar with the item under the Processes tab named “twain dll”.

But just what exactly is that process? What is it doing on your computer? Is it harmful? Would deleting that specific process lead to difficulties or errors in your computer? If you have ever encountered errors concerning this certain file, then be sure to read the information below. Continue reading How to Repair “Twain Dll” Errors

How to Fix Desktop Window Manager Errors

Viruses, trojans, and malwares nowadays are occupying our computer systems like wildfire. Posing as usual computer programs and processes, it is hard to know which ones are legit and which are doing silent damage. Some are even in disguise, with names that make them look like they are core processes, further bringing in confusion to regular computer users. It’s a big sigh of relief when anti-virus and anti-malware programs find and obliterate these harmful programs. But when these digital guardians are seemingly outsmarted (I.e. Continue reading How to Fix Desktop Window Manager Errors

Flip HD Camera Is Just Plain Simple

There is one big thing that stands out when I think of the Flip HD Camera, simple. It is so simple, yet powerfu, that just about everyone of all ages can learn to use it, while at the same time, the finished product/videos really look like a professional recorded them. That is purely what the Flip HD Camera is. Just plain out simple!

I have read and written many reviews on the Flip HD Camera and it seems I can never write an article about it without always, always talking about the simplicity of the device, so for this entire article I am going to focus on just that so lets get started.

How simple to record – When you look at the cam you will easily notice what does what including what button records. Continue reading Flip HD Camera Is Just Plain Simple