How to Fix “Apple Push” Errors

“APSDaemon.exe” or more commonly known as the “Apple Push” is a Windows executable program. A popular program that uses Apple Push is the iTunes music player. While generally a harmless program, many users have reported problems when they run the program. In some instances, CPU usage is maxed out, causing significant slowdown in running other programs.

You can encounter the error during any of these times:

    While running any APSDaemon.exe related program such as iTunesWhile installing / uninstalling related programsWhen booting your system

Infections caused by malicious files such as viruses may also corrupt the file and cause an error.

Fixing the APSDaemon.exe error

Seeing messages like “APSDamon.exe msvcr80.dll is missing”, “has encountered an error” or “bad image” are clear indications that you need to fix the exe file. Continue reading How to Fix “Apple Push” Errors