Samsung Es8000 – Is It Leading The Way?


The new Samsung ES8000 is a TV that is taking the world by the remote – well actually it is taking the remote out of your hands and replacing it with nothing at all. This new television is the first gesture and voice controlled TV in the world and is really only the beginning as far as Smart TVs are concerned.

Lets have a look at why this television is so smart. First of all the Samsung ES8000 comes with a dual core processor, which allows users to do pretty much anything they please. The Dual core processor makes this little baby fast – like a computer – it can do a few different things at once and it even comes with its own kind of hard drive as well.

As I mentioned before the Samsung ES8000 comes with voice and gesture recognition. There is a small HD camera that is built in to the top of this television and it is what picks up your gestures and allows you to control things like volume and channel adjustment. With the simple wave of your hand you can move things on the screen (when playing games etc) and also open certain areas and adjust controls. The voice recognition is great in that it allows you to just simply talk to your television and with a few simple commands you can change the channel and also adjust the volume.

The Samsung ES8000 comes with an LED screen. Light Emitting Diode screens are the newest form of technology being in screens as they produce bright pictures and also are a lot cheaper to manufacture and also a lot less expensive to run. The screen of a LED TV is actually backlit by these diode lights and this is also the reason why they can be produced so thin. For example the Samsung ES8000 is only 1.2 inches thick. The Smart Hub is where you store and access all the applications that are on offer. Things like Hulu, Angry Birds, ESPN Sports and many more are all available at the App. store. Some of these are free and others are not, it depends on the application that you are getting.

This television is also very good to use with other programs such as skype. The HD camera lets you interact and talk with your family or friends just like they were in the room with you. The Samsung ES8000 comes in a variety of sizes from 50 inches up to about 75 inches with more on the way soon.

It is also the first television in the world to be fully upgradable. The Samsung ES8000 comes with a small slot in the back where an upgrade chip can be inserted. These upgrade chips will be released every year from 2013 onwards.

This is one television that does not have to catch up with technology – it looks like it is paving the way.


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