Panasonic Lumix Cameras – The Camera Of Choice For US Olympic Team


The London Olympic Games are here and one of the first winners is Panasonic Lumix Cameras. They are the Official Camera of the U.S. Olympic Team. Pretty good bragging rights, don’t you think? It should get people to take that extra look at Panasonic products and they should. They have earned their great reputation.

People lucky enough to be at the games will bring their cameras with them. Hopefully, all their photo’s will turn out great. Sadly, that probably won’t be the case.

Some of the photos will be better than others and, it won’t always be because of the people taking them. Sometimes it will just be the wrong camera. Like anything else some cameras, even more expensive cameras, are not that good. They’re not bad, just not good enough for taking these kind of photos.

Fortunately, there is a way to improve the odds of your photo’s turning out the way you want them to – get the right camera in the first place.

If, I was fortunate enough to be at the Olympic Games, I sure would want all my pictures to turn out great. Even more importantly, I want pictures of my family and friends to turn out right. It is after all, a recording of *us*, isn’t it? Other than our memories and letters, what else do we have except our cameras to give us a visual reminder of our lives together? Any camera with that kind of responsibility had better be a good one. Second chances don’t always come along.

That is why the U.S. Women’s Olympic team, staff and a family member of each player, have been provided with Lumix Cameras. Their chances of getting an awesome, once in a lifetime picture have have been dramatically increased.

If you’re a skeptic (I don’t blame you), you’re probably thinking this is a good move by Panasonic but are the cameras any good? Lumix Digital Cameras are made by Panasonic, so it is a good move by Panasonic.

However, Lumix Cameras are top notch in 4 critical areas. Speed, Image Quality (sharpness), and are excellent in Low Light Conditions. Don’t discount the reliability factor either. Panasonic cameras have been the winners of The Most Reliable Camera Award for several years. They would not have been honored with the Official Olympic Camera status if they couldn’t live up to it.

We all want reliability and longevity when we purchase a big ticket item, right? Well, here it is spelled out for you with a proven track record and the Official Olympic Camera . That makes my own purchase of Panasonic Cameras a comfortable one, the total package. Great pictures and I know I can count on it to work when I need it!


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