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There was some new update post about this new cover and I thought I’d write a quick review and give my personal opinion on the newly released cover… So here it goes!

I honestly see this kindle fire cover to be almost the same thing as the Kindle Fire Leather Cover, but not near as good. First off this SPecks Fitfolio kindle fire cover is made of hard shell, I personally dislike hardshells! It’s so tacky and cheap looking and really how well does hard shells hold up? Not that well in my opinion. They tend to break a lot easier.

This cover also comes with a stand, but looking at it, it only seems to stand up on it’s side. Which is still really the only way most will put there Kindle, since the stand is basically designed for movie watching. But still what if by chance you would actually like to put the Kindle up right? This can’t be done with this new kindle fire cover. It currently look as if it only comes in a few different colors. From reading the new article it comes in Black , Red and a Teal version. So not a huge variety of colors if you ask me.

The one thing that actually impressed me was the protected cover it has that goes over the screen. It is made of Vegan, what is that you may ask? It is a leather that means faux leather in Computer talk….

The new kindle fire cover has a rubber cord that wraps around the kindle on the cover in order to keep it closed nice and tight. (Same as the Kindle Fire Leather Cover)

The price is relatively cheaper then the kindle fire leather cover by Malware, but that cover is made from 100 percent genuine leather and has the feature where you can stand the kindle both ways instead of just one. This cover also has the hand strap which is not included in the Specks FitFolio kindle fire cover. Overall in my opinion if you can afford it I’d go with the Kindle Fire Leather cover by Malware and if not then I’d go witht he Specks FitFolio.

Both seem to be relatively the same except the outer shell and the leather cover seems to have a couple more options then the fit folio Kindle fire cover. I just tend to not like the hard shell covers that the case is made from, just because of the experience I have had with them in the past. Although this cover may be for you just not for me.

You can check both of these covers out for your kindle fire online. The kindle fire leather cover is a bit more classed up and elegant looking while the Specks Fitfolio is a little more plain. It all depends on which one is going to fit your taste though. I just wanted to give a little more insite on this new cover .


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