New Android 44 Car Gps For Volkswagen Without Car Dvd Player Is Released


New Android 44 Car Gps For Volkswagen Without Car Dvd Player Is Released

Do you think the DVD player function is necessary for a car GPS? With the fast development of car DVD GPS, now many guys told us they don’t play DVD anymore because the powerful function of the Android car GPS now. Glad to tell you that now we released a new version of specific Android 4.4 Quad-Core Car GPS without DVD player function for Volkswagen now. They will help you save more and bring you more entertainment with additional iPod connection feature! And GA5153W is even aesthetically improved with elegant touch buttons.

At the first sight of Android car GPS GA5153W, you will be attracted by the elegant flat screen which is the outstanding feature. It will truly upgrade your car to a higher level. No buttons on the head unit but one signal flat elegant screen with makes it look bigger. Large screen no buttons will be a new trend for the next generation of Android car GPS.

Compared with Android GPS GA5153F, the GA5153W has iPod function, and you can iPod/iPhone and charge them at the same time. It will bring more fun for you on the road when you have a tedious trip.

You can connect a 3G dongle with a Sim card in the dongle to the Android car GPS. And you can also use your phone’s WIFI hotspot sharing. Once the head unit get wifi or 3G connection, you can search internet, see the news, watch Youtube videos, login FB and download many kinds of APPs.

The head unit has 7 Kinds of Dynamic Background Pictures Selectable. Customers can also set their favorite pictures as background. It also supports Bluetooth version 2.0 or above phone connection, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. Supporting bluetooth contact search makes it more convenient for you to search the name when you want to call someone.

Many customers think the GPS system is installed in the head unit. In fact, the car GPS has GPS function, it doesnt mean that it can navigate once you take the head unit and use it. It needs a GPS data which is the GPS map. So that it can work. Since its Android head unit, you can use the online map card and it can be updated at anytime. In order to save money, you can download offline map, in that case, you can use the GPS map when its not connected with wifi.

Beside the GA5153W, Eonon has other steady high-quality car DVD GPS .VW navigation and bmw gps navigation are our hot sale now. Eonon is very popular around the world with great fame in both amazing products and good after sale service.


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