Microvision Review


Microvision Review

In my Microvision review, I will be presenting some information that I have gathered regarding the Microvision SHOWWX+ projector. Perhaps some quick but comprehensive information can help you make your own conclusion on whether this item is going to be worth your investment!


To start my Microvision review I have to greatly emphasize that the size and capacity of the SHOWWX+ projector is pretty awesome. For me, this kind of projector can be labelled as tiny but incredible. The SHOWWX+ is a hand-held projector with a size I’d say quite comparable to mobile phones, like the iPhone. It’s a projector that can actually fit into your hands (like!). This does not come as a surprise as the Microvision brand has been known for manufacturing small and compact projectors for years now.


You may like to know that this product is less than a third of an inch thick. That makes it thinner than a number of modern media players. This portable projector is actually based on whats referred to as Microvision PicoP technology. The projecor built in is also called the Pico.


Another point that I want to stress in this Microvision review is the fact that despite the small size, its capacity is quite outstanding. For a small gizmo, its more than capable of projecting an 848 by 480 wide-screen image. In fact, this can surpass DVD quality! It also offers a resolution five times better than most miniature projectors that are produced by other brands and which are currently being sold in the market. This is regardless of the fact it is still below HD resolution.


The quality of the resolution is altered only a tiny bit when there is a little light shining through… but it remains darn good. That said, Id also like to mention in my Microvision Review that I can personally attest from my own experience that the images projected through the SHOWWX+ are spectacular and stunning especially in total darkness.

Battery Life:

To be completely honest, there is one little obstacle that most users and purchasers see in the Microvision SHOWWX+ projector… and that is the battery life. Apparently the life is only limited to two to three hours. However, there is a replaceable battery and it charges using the MicroUSB and the wall charger stlye of technology. Perhaps some day soon the battery life will be prolonged with a new battery.

My in-depth readings of similar Microvision Reviews have led me to conclude that Microvision is one of the leading companies that are continuously producing innovative and excellent projectors. I can tell you that the SHOWWX+ is definitely something to consider.


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