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I consider my Micro Vision Projector an investment of a lifetime. If youve been doing your own digging and are considering the Micro Vision SHOWWX+ model (thats the one I have) then I can definitely attest to the fact that its a pretty awesome piece of technology.

Actually, its become quite noticeable that multimedia projectors have become one of the necessities for many people nowadays. Projectors are quite useful for most of us. Anyone for so many purposes can use it. It is completely appropriate for education, home, promotional needs or business.

With a good projector, you can turn your simple home into a theatre where your family and loved ones can enjoy your favourite flicks, share photo slideshows, browse the web, and whatever have you. And a quality projector such as a Micro Vision projector SHOWWX+ can make your presentations in the office win great compliments from your bosses or co-employees. All these and more are what is in store for you if you own a dependable multimedia projector like a Micro Vision projector.

Truth is that there are so many other brands of projectors available in the market nowadays so its understandable why its kind of hard to decide. The most common brands are Sony, Acer, Sharp, Panasonic, Canon, Hitachi and Dell. However, not all of these offer what a Micro Vision projector SHOWWX+ can.

When purchasing a projector, you have to consider 4 very important factors:

Know the usage of the device Is the device intended for use in the office, at home or in school? As already mentioned, so many projectors are sold by various brands that have their own specs and features. Knowing the purpose for which you are purchasing the projector would tell you what kind, model or brand to buy. The projector you get must have the capacity to meet your needs. Features that the projector offers Research on the different features that the projectors have. This would usually include brightness and resolution. The better quality of projector you get, the happier you will be of your purchase. Size and weight of the projector This is commonly a major concern for users who need to bring along the projectors with them to different places for different purposes. If you do any amount of traveling, and cant depend on whether or not a regular sized projector will be at your convenience, well then opting for a hand-held device is definitely going to be a great investment for you. The price is the deciding factor Some projectors are pricey. It is okay to shell out a big amount as long as you get a proficient and multi-purpose device. The Micro Vision Projector SHOWWX+ model is very affordable, especially for what it offers as far as quality and ease of use goes.

The Micro Vision projector I recently bought (the SHOWWX+) has surpassed all my expectations. Its definitely more than just proficient projector. Now, I do my presentations in the office with confidence and a lot of the time, I enjoy watching videos with my friends and just having fun with it as well.


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