Is The Samsung Es8000 Smart TV The Future Of Entertainment?


The Samsung ES8000 “Super OLED” TV is a new super slim, super bright Smart TV that was brought to the world’s attention at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2012.

With a dual-processor, voice and gesture recognition, camera, and smart hub for apps, content and Internet search, the ES8000 Super OLED TV is an amazing feat of technology.

OLED or organic light-emitting diode screens are brighter and thinner, cost less to manufacture and use less power than conventional LCD screens.

The Samsung ES8000 SMART TV contains dual microphones and a HD camera which makes it the perfect tool for face to face (Skype) calls and with its revolutionary voice, gesture and face recognition you no longer need to go searching under the couch for the TV remote. With a simple ‘Hi TV’ you can turn the ES8000 on and then simply say something like ‘Web Browser’ to go online and do whatever you please. From here the gesture recognition takes over and with a wave of your hand you can select applications, use the Internet and increase the volume.

Then there are the apps – The Samsung ES8000 smart hub has 1400 of them so far – think Angry Birds on your TV – really, really big with a bit of Discovery Channel thrown in as well.

Samsung has also included ‘Signature Services’ a special interface for kids (interactive educational viewing that records progress), an interactive fitness program (that lets you sync goals and activities) and Family Story (a photo platform that lets you share photos and messages)

But wait … there’s more!

Not only does this Samsung ES8000 Smart TV let you browse the Internet, watch TV, use voice, hand and profile activation, Samsung has also introduced its revamped ‘AllShare’ known now as ‘AllShare-Play’, which lets users move content between devices and also free online cloud storage.

But wait … there’s STILL more!

The Samsung ES8000 is the first ‘future proof’ TV. At this stage Samsung is the only company that can give you a TV capable of evolution. Every year (from 2013) Samsung will be bringing out a new ‘chip’ that will slot into the back of your TV to ‘upgrade’ your Samsung ES8000 to the newest in SMART TV technology. With Samsungs proprietary system-on-chip technology you will feel like you have a new TV every year.

The Samsung OLED Smart TV has a futuristic super thin sleek design and an ultra slim bezel. Samsung says it will be releasing TVs in the ES8000 range as large as 75 inches.

The Samsung ES8000 SMART TV could possibly be the future of entertainment for many years to come.


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