How To Get Free Ebooks For Kindle


How To Get Free Ebooks For Kindle

If you love to read then you know that it can become very costly to constantly buy books or ebooks. I will show you how to get free ebooks for Kindle. There are many free ebooks available for the Kindle and some are Christian ebooks too! You can now download these ebooks free from a lot of these websites. One of the first places to go to is Amazon. In Amazon they have a Kindle Store and there you can check out the free ebooks and also the Kindle and any other accessories you might be in need of.

Below is a list of some available online free ebooks to download and some may charge a small fee. Whenever checking into any online services always check to see if there is a charge even if they say free. Sometimes the ebook could be free but they may charge for something else. I have checked these sites out and they have both. Some ebooks are free and some do charge for ebooks.

1. Kindle Lending Club. It used to be called the Kindle Lending Club but per Amazons request the name has been changed to Book Lending. You now can easily lend or borrow a book to friends or family for 14 days. Not all ebooks are available to be shared the publishers have to enable lending. There are many available ebooks here.

2. Feedbooks. This website is a publishing and distribution service for ebooks. Feedbooks does have some Christian ebooks and also many others. Not every book is free only the books published in their public domain and the original books sections are free.

3. Bookyards. Bookyards not only has free ebooks it also has education materials, information ebooks, and much more. The content is free for anyone who has an internet connection. In the ebook links there are over 32,000 ebooks and they have access to online ebook libraries. Bookyards also has videos and blogs too! This is a really great website to check out.

4. Gutenberg Project. This was one of the first sites to provide free ebooks and they have had many volunteers to make available all books that have expired copyrights. Their ebooks are free in the United States because the copyrights are expired. But, if you are in another country then you have to check to see if they are free of copyright. You have to check the copyright laws of your country before you download. This site has over 36, 000 free ebooks available to download.

5. Hongkiat. Now when you go to this website it actually sends you to 20 other websites! They all have free ebook downloads. This website has resources beyond belief. There are free downloads on scientific, programming, fiction and many other ebooks. I went into Hongkiat but I did not check out all the other 20 websites. That I will save for a rainy day.

As I checked into each of these websites above they all had free ebook downloads for the kindle and other devices. Some of them do ask for a donation to keep their site free but that is totally up to you. If I feel like I got something beneficial out of the website, then I will go back and donate whatever I want. Whether you donate or not does not have anything to do with the free downloads . For the person who likes to read all these sites have enough reading material to keep you busy for a very long time. Enjoy!


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