Google Glass Now With Real-Time Emotion Detection App


The latest update on Google Glass is its newly created first real-time emotion detection app, which is developed by Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. The app is quite phenomenal as it accurately detects one’s age and gender. The app works on-board that is, the cloud is not used. This is because the data used might be sensitive and thus, never leaves the Glass device. The emotion detection app would be perfect for people with autism, who face difficulty while depicting their emotions.

The new app is built on SHORE (Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition Engine) system. The SHORE started with just object-detection system on computers, however with time the system has developed into fine facial analysis system. The system has 91% and 94% success rate at picking out a user’s face and gender, respectively.

While talking about the drawback of the marvelous innovation, privacy is a big concern here. Albeit Fraunhofer has stressed upon its privacy factors, which explicate that the data never leaves the Glass device and the app is unable to find out the identity of the people you look at; still there is a big loophole, as the app is able to do both of these things. It is just a matter of time that someone unwinds these features and enables facial recognition.

Then again, there will be negative implications but on the whole the positive ones will outnumber them. One can argue even on its positive aspects. For instance, while waking in public, you can know if a person (potential mugger) is looking at you with aggression. Or it could tell you about the person who you are trying to find out in a confluence of people. So you know what would be its advantages.

Agreed, that we cannot just forego the privacy concerns, but what we are missing is that the private agencies and different government agencies have already released wide-scale facial detection systems, so it won’t be wrong to say that the cat’s already out of the bag. The continuous corrosion of privacy via smartphones, internet and wearable computers is bit daunting, but imagine if the police forces can use the same technology for controlling the hideous acts and catching criminals; should we still be talking about the trivial issues that Google Glass will bring?

Well, this might be a never ending debate. However, we all know how mobile innovation became a daily life necessity, same way the face recognition technology is building momentum and in the near future this will become inevitable either.


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