Garmin Nuvi 3790t-5 Reasons Why You Need It


I see your looking for the best GPS navigator. Introducing the Garmin Nuvi 3790t. Best price I found on the Internet. In this article I will describe to you what is GPS and 5 reasons why you need this.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) was first intended for the U.S. Department of Defense for military applications. Then in the 1980’s became available for the general public. GPS works in any weather environment, anywhere in the world, and works all day long.

Newer Garmin GPS receivers have an accuracy to less than three meters. How’s that for pin point location?

The Garmin Nuvi 3790t is small enough to take with you while walking. You can use it to navigate city traffic. It uses an enhanced pedestrian navigation capabilities. it lets you know where to walk where to find the subway, bus, or other type of transportation.

What I liked about this was that it can plot the most fuel efficient route and calculates the fuel usage.

5 Reasons Why You Need It:

Free Traffic Updates included Bluetooth capable Listens to your commands and tells you where to turn It’s as thin as a pen at 9mm No more looking at a paper map

With traffic updates you will know where the traffic congestion is and how to avoid it by plotting an updated route. No more excuses that your late because of traffic buildup.

Using Bluetooth technology could never be easier with the GPS navigator and your cell phone. Hands free calling while your hands are on the wheel.

Just give it a special voice command to wake it up and it’s yours. Speak a destination and it will plot a course on the color display. With lane assist it will let you know which lane to be in way before the actual turn.

With it’s sleek design you would think you bought yourself a iPhone. It’s 9mm thick, and so easy to slip it inside your shirt pocket or purse.

You can say good by to all of the paper maps that are in your car. The one’s that look shredded that are buried in your glove box.

There is superior technology to find where you are these days. I think it’s best to use it. There are many advantages in owning one and it’s very easy to set up. It has a special suction cup that attaches to the windshield, from there you insert the Garmin Nuvi into the cradle. The navigator also comes with a rechargeable battery that last for a very long time.

So remember, if you don’t want to get lost and not use those taped up old maps that you can’t find in your glove box you need to get the Garmin Nuvi 3790t. Have more fun while you drive when you have your navigator with you.


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