Flip HD Camera Is Just Plain Simple


There is one big thing that stands out when I think of the Flip HD Camera, simple. It is so simple, yet powerfu, that just about everyone of all ages can learn to use it, while at the same time, the finished product/videos really look like a professional recorded them. That is purely what the Flip HD Camera is. Just plain out simple!

I have read and written many reviews on the Flip HD Camera and it seems I can never write an article about it without always, always talking about the simplicity of the device, so for this entire article I am going to focus on just that so lets get started.

How simple to record – When you look at the cam you will easily notice what does what including what button records. The big red button. Yeah that's it. You mash it to record and you mash it to stop recording. Simple enough right?

How simple to focus – Well on 2 opposite sides of one another around the big red button you got two focus buttons. What do they do? Ummmm again simple, one zooms in and the other zooms out. And that's not all. It makes it even simpler (if that is even a word because I feel weird saying it) by making the zoom features sort of like everytime you mash the zoom button it clicks in a little closer one time on each interval. It is not like a digital photo camera where the zoom is constant when you hold the button in. It automatically gives you a designated zoom level with each click. Hope that makes sense, but anyway if you have or get one you will know what I am talking about and it is simple!

How simple to play/delete clips – Again, there is 2 buttons for each one of these features again all on the same side of the camcorder where every other button is. One has a play symbol on it and one has a trash can symbol on it. Again, simple enough right and I think you can figure out what those do, but just in case, one plays the clips you recorded and one deletes the clips you do not want.

How simple to put the videos on your computer – Ok I love what the Flip HD Camera manufacturers did here. Instead of giving one of the fifty zillion usb cables that are made today which have so many different ends on them to fit certain devices that makes you sick. They basically said “lets make this simple and just put a USB attachment directly on the camcorder to be able to hook it up directly to your computer USB port.” Now that is sweeeet! The USB arm flips out from the cam and it can be simply hooked into your PC without keeping up with some cable.

How simple to edit these videos on your computer – The Flip HD Camera comes with Flipshare software that will remind you of an Itune type interface that is plain out idiot proof which is what? Simple!! You can easily take the videos off your cam and put on your computer then edit the clips with the software to upload or whatever you want to do with them.

Ok , I know I said simple alot and surely you get the point so I don't have to say it again, but I told you I was just going to focus on that because that is what really makes this camcorder so great for so many people. You get the power of HD with the great convenience of not having to have any brain power to figure out how to use the Flip HD Camera . Hope this review helped and trust me if you were worried about buying some camcorder that was difficult to use, worry no more! You found the winner.


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