Flexible Multicore Cable


Cables usually comprise of two or more wires running side by side or being twisted with one another. When we talk about Multicore Cables, we refer to electrical cables having multiple cores that are typically made of copper wire.

What Is Flexible Muticore Cable?

A flexible Multicore Cable is generally used for wiring in control panels and heavy-duty machines. This type of electrical cable is manufactured using annealed pure copper conductor and outer PVC jacket that may can firmly withstand oil, grease and different types of chemical agents. Flexible Muticore Cable exhibits excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Design And Construction Of Flexible Multicore Cable:

While designing Flexible Multicore Cables, Cable Manufacturers mainly focus on safety quotient. Thus, such cables are twin coated using high quality jacketing material. Depending on design and construction, two types of Flexible Multicore Cables are available in the market today:

    Analog: Analog cables are grounded in the floor. There is a stage box in analog cables that uses XLRs to send and receive electrical signals. An analog cable contains a system with subsnakes that may be plugged in with the main stage box.

    Multipin: A multipin cable is generally used to connect subsnakes to the stage box. This feature of a multipin provides greater expandability in regards to length and channel. A multicore cable can therefore be used with more than one subsnake to provide reliability and flexibility to cables.

The typical construction of Flexible Multicore Cables may differ on the following aspects:

    Conductor diameter length

    DC Resistance

    Nominal insulation thickness

    Maximum insulation thickness

    Current Rating

    Maximum overall diameter

Functioning Of Flexible Muticore Cables:

Flexible Multicore Cables operate at different temperatures ranging from -20 degree to 90 degree. The working voltage of Multicore Cables is around 1100 volts and the test voltage is 3000 volts.

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