Flat Screen Tv – Which Is Better Plasma Or Lcd


Flat Screen Tv - Which Is Better Plasma Or Lcd

When it comes to picking out a new television one question always come to mind. Which is better Plasma or LCD? The answer to that question can be a bit tricky because it really boils down to your needs. This article will explain the two technologies and outline the differences between the two. So without any further or due let’s get started.

Plasma television screens are filled with 2 gases different neon and xenon. Add a charge and the two gases will become plasma. The screen is glass and a matrix of plasma filled cells ans electrodes. Which is also the reason they are produced so slim. Plasma TVs can generate more than one million colors. Since plasma TVs refresh rates are so high, motion blur is non existent which makes them great for viewing sports and fast paced events. Also another display screen is added for enhanced variety of color. This makes a plasma television great for a room with low light.

The liquid crystal in LCD televisions have properties between a solid and a liquid. Technicians use two plates with a polarized filter on each plate. The filters are placed there so light can travel in one direction. The liquid crystal is grouped between the glass plates and rotated 90 degrees, as a result the light will move along the liquid crystals path. When the front plate is charged, the crystal acts as an on/off switch. Put a bunch of these tiny switches together with r/b/g lenses among other things, and you can create any image and color you want. LCD TVs beat Energy Star requirements by 30 percent. They are very light and easily can mount to the wall. LCD televisions don’t have problems with glare making them great for a bright room.

You’ll find pretty much any size LCD television at local retail stores and online. Plasma TVs are made in large sizes, but they’re not manufactured smaller than 32 inches. When choosing the appropriate size TV, make a measurement between you and the TV. Next, divide by two. This number is the size television that’s ideal for the place you want to put the TV. lastly, get one more measurement diagonally of where the television will sit so you can to make room.

Power consumption is a major concern and when it comes to which technology uses less energy LCD TVs consumes less power than plasma TVs. Also keep in mind that power consumption varies in size. A smaller TV will obviously use less power than a larger size so make sure you are comparing televisions of the same size.

So to recap. If you need a television with great contrast that shows well in a dark room, has no motion blur and overall has great picture quality then a plasma TV might be what you’re looking for. If you want an all purpose TV that can be placed in any room, that is great for gaming and consumes low energy, then take a look at LCD TVs to see what is available.

As you can see deciding which is better between plasma or LCD TVs is strictly based on your needs. Once you identify your needs choosing between the two technologies isn’t a difficult task at all. If you have any questions or comments I will respond to them. Thank you is you next article.


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