Eonon Car Dvd Gps G2116


We release new car DVD GPS now. G2116 which has DVD player function and GPS function. And the price is also good. Thats a good budget. The head unit is not the ordinary ones. It has its uniqueness. Lets check it one buy one.

1. Set Any Key to Boot. Is that function special? You can set any key to boot it as you like. You can hardly find such model on the market now.

2. Enable Setting Navigation as Start-up Mode. It becomes much convenience for you to use the GPS function.

3. EQ 7-Segment Digital Audio Processing. Listening music is very important for those who driving on the road. G2116 creates audio feast for you because of the EQ 7-Segment Digital Audio Processing.

4. Built-In LCD Clock Display Function. You can check the time at anytime.

Beside the above, it has the basic function of GPS. GPS is a good guider for you and you will not worry about losing your way. It will spoil your holiday if you drive your car with your family and get lost at last. And it can help you save time if the car DVD GPS can help you find a short-cut.

GPS Dual Zone Function enables you to listen radio and music while you use the navigation function. Dual zone function means you can navigate your way, and at the same time, other mode can function too.

It supports Bluetooth Phone Book Function. You can quickly search for contacts manually, and it supports displaying caller name. Many car DVD GPS has no such function. This model is different. And it supports Bluetooth version 2.0 or above phone connection, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. It also support Bluetooth MP3 Player Function. This function can only be realized when the mobile phone supports Bluetooth Audio Output.

Beside that, it has built-in SD card slot, and DVD player, you can play DVD and SD card. You can watch movie on the road. You will not feel tried.

The head unit is ISO 2 DIN Size. And you can install it in many cars. It has 93 Kinds of Car Opening Logos and 10 Kinds of Background Pictures for you to choose. And whats more, you can put SD card with your favorite background pictures into GPS slot.

Do you want to try such car DVD GPS ? If yes, you can check the size of the dash and plug. Such powerful and unique function with so good price is worthy the money. Im sure you will like the car DVD GPS .


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