Electronic Cigarette Batteries: Manual Vs Automatic


Electronic Cigarette Batteries: Manual Vs Automatic

Electronic cigarette batteries come in two different varieties, manual and automatic. Which one do you choose? There are positive and negative features of both to consider before you purchase your electronic cigarette batteries.

What are an Automatic Electronic Cigarette Batteries?

An automatic electronic cigarette battery is one that automatically activates the electronic cigarette when a user takes a puff. There is a hole at the end of the battery that allows air to pass through. A sensor in the battery can detect a change in air pressure which then activates the battery. Vapor is produced and the battery automatically deactivates when the user is done inhaling, or the battery cuts itself off when a puff lasts for more than five-seconds.

What are Manual Electronic Cigarette Batteries?

A manual electronic cigarette battery has a small button on the battery that a user can push and hold down to activate the battery for the desired length of time to take a puff. There is no automatic cut-off time with manual electronic cigarette batteries.

Why do Some People Prefer Automatic Electronic Cigarette Batteries?

For ease of use, automatic electronic cigarette batteries can be operated hands-free. A user can just grip the electronic cigarette with his or her mouth and take a puff at desired intervals. There is also a five-second cutoff and then a ten-second wait to ensure the user doesnt fry the atomizer. Also, with automatic electronic cigarette batteries, the battery is less likely to turn on when the electronic cigarette is stored in somebodys pocket or purse, although some sensors are extremely sensitive and will activate the battery for less than a second when the electronic cigarette is moved quickly or bumped.

Why do Some People Prefer Manual Electronic Cigarette Batteries?

Manual Electronic Cigarette Batteries do not have some of the limitations of automatic electronic cigarette batteries. Electronic Cigarette users can hold the button down for as long as they want. The downside to this is that many users like to store their electronic cigarette in their pocket or purse, so if manual electronic cigarette batteries are pressed up against something, they will activate, possibly for long periods of time, which will fry the atomizer. This is why it is suggested users store their electronic cigarettes in its own carrying-case when not in use.

Another benefit to manual electronic cigarette batteries is that the contacts that connect the battery to the atomizer do not have an air hole like automatic electronic cigarette batteries have. Oftentimes, gravity will pull liquid from the cartridge and into the atomizer when it is not in use. Liquid can then pass through the atomizer and into an automatic battery. This not only creates a mess, but can end up short-circuiting your automatic electronic cigarette battery, making it useless.

As you can see, there are a few things to consider before choosing to buy automatic electronic cigarette batteries or manual electronic cigarette batteries. It all comes down the preference of each individual electronic cigarette smoker. Users usually can adapt to the pros and cons of each type and take the necessary care needed to prevent frying their electronic cigarette batteries.

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