Different Kinds Of Car DVD Player


There are many kinds of car DVD players on the market Car DVD is one of the best technology options that one can ever add into the car. With the help of car DVD player, long hours of road trips can be just like a 30 minutes travel since the rest of the family enjoys themselves in listening music watching movies or playing game at the same time the driver can smoothly focus on driving or having uninterrupted driving caused by kids.

There are four types of car DVD players depend on the different place that it is installed: In-Dash Car DVD Player, Headrest DVD Player, Roof Mounted DVD,Portable DVD Player

You can pick the best one suitable for you once you determine which one is perfect for you and your family.

In-Dash Car DVD Player

This the the most important kind of car DVD player in the world. Its not overstatement that almost all the car are installed with a in-dash car DVD players. It varies in size from 4.3 inches to 7 inches. And now the car DVD player comes with much bigger size of screen are very popular now. These types of players are perfect for space – saving. This in-dash DVD player usually replaces the common radio or CD player in the dashboard. It can be hidden or removed in the console of your car. Its video signal can be sent to back seats screens if you install a headrest DVD player which we will introduce in the following paragraph.There is Android car DVD player comes with Android operation system, built-in GPS, Bluetooth, IPOD/ IPHONE connectivity, Digital TV receiver and so on.

Headrest DVD Player

This DVD player is installed at the back of the head of front seats. The in-dash car DVD player can send video signal to the headrest. And then the passengers in the back seats can have good time. And they will not feel tedious in a long journey. Aside from being just a DVD player, it can also play audio CDs, burn MP3s into discs and photos into discs.

Flip Down DVD Player

This kind of DVD lies in the ceiling of the car. This is ideal for huge cars or commercial vehicles since it requires a huge space. Flip Down DVD Player is usually bigger than 9 inches. And the important function of it is playing video.

When you plan to by a car DVD player , you can consider your demands and budget. Its not difficult to find the best car entertainment system to feed your satisfaction. The worldwide popular Android stereo will be a perfect choice.


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