Computer Recycling: Things To Do Before Recycling Your Devices


Computer data is very sensitive; therefore, you should be very careful when recycling your device.To guide you through here are steps that you should follow to ensure that you safely recycle your computer.

Backup your files

To avoid losing your information, you should backup your files. In addition to transferring your files to your computer, you should make a completely different and independent backup.

One of the best places to store the files is in an external hard drive. You can use a 100-500 GB hard drive. If you have many files, you can use a one or two terabyte hard drive. The good side is that hard drives are inexpensive. For example, you can find a high quality backup drive for $50.

If you don’t have many files, you don’t have to buy an external hard drive; you can simply backup the files in a DVD.

De-authorize the programs

Many software programs allow you to use them in only a few computers and they track this information through authorizations.

For you to use the programs in different computers, you should de-authorize the programs before you remove them from your old computer. The good side is that de-authorization takes very little time and it’s a very easy process.

Wipe the drive

Many people tend to delete the files that they don’t want and think that they are safe; however, this is not the case. To be safe you need to wipe your hard drive. The good thing is that there are many programs that you can use to do the work.

Some of the most effective programs that you can use are: Wipe Boot, Nuke, and Eraser. Before you recycle your device, you should take a look at the hard drive and confirm that all the data has been wiped.This is because some programs fail to wipe all the information.

Check e-cycling requirements

If you are planning of donating the computer to a nonprofit organization you should take a look at the e-cycling requirements and ensure that your device meets the requirements.

You should note that nonprofit organizations usually don’t have funds or staff to repair or purchase broken or missing computer parts; therefore, you should ensure that your device has all the necessary parts.


These are the things that you should do before you recycle your device. To ensure that your device is in the right hands, you should research and identify the best recycling company.


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