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Hand washing is an effective way to avoid contracting and spreading diseases and many common infections like food poisoning, diarrhea, etc.

Our hands may look clean but still microbes may reside on them, staying invisible to our naked eyes. We pick innumerable germs when we touch anything with our hands. We even contribute to spreading them to other places and people. In turn, we infect ourselves with these germs by eating food with dirty hands and making the passage of these germs into our body really easy!

Hand dryers are an important component when it comes to clean hands. Gone those days of speculation on whether paper towels were more hygienic than hand dryers. An independent study brought into limelight that when we wash hands and rinse them for a proper amount of time then the amount of microbes on our hands is the same irrespective of whether we dry our hands with a paper towel or a hand dryer. In layman words, the way we wash our hands is way important than the way we dry them!

Hypuz is the leading brand of hand dryers India. Though we operate from Andheri West Mumbai, we manufacture and supply our products all over in India. Our professionally trained staff is keen on market trends and customer demands which allows us to present a wide variety of products. Our range of hand dryers in India include automatic hand dryers, hot and cold hand dryers, jet hand dryers, electric hand dryers, automatic hand dryer with twin bower, aluminium hand dryers and many more. In keeping with the latest trends, we provide hand dryers in India in stunning and creative designs.

Apart from hand dryers in India we provide a wide range of hygiene products. Our products include PVC Strip curtains, automatic soap dispensers, automatic air fresheners, automatic taps, air curtains, flying insect killers, fragrance refills, hair dryers, auto shoe shine machines, urinal flushers, etc.

We, at Hypuz, take pride to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of hygiene products in India. Our in-house inspection ensures that we deliver the quality we promise. Our well trained professionals and state of the art manufacturing techniques allows us to provide you with the perfect products. We are a center of excellence and are committed to provide on-time delivery to our clients. We strive for the satisfaction of our customers and they are our first priority. Please feel free to enquire about any product by filling up a small form at our website.

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