Best Ebook Reader – Which One?


Now you have found this particular article, I hope I can help you with the question that you have posed. Firstly, it’s not as simple as the question suggests, so what I will do is take two very different e-reader devices and compare them in a general way first. This will help you to narrow down the field and help you actually choose from the right category of e-book reader device rather than make an expensive mistake.

Below I have listed a few features of two of the most popular electronic reading devices so you can get more of an idea of what to expect.

First up is the Kindle 3

    It has the very latest e-Ink technology (looks like real print) Gives very crisp and dark contrast, makes it easy to read Non-reflective screen makes it a joy to read in the brightest of sunshine The whole unit is small and supremely transportable Weighs so little, even less than the paperback you are used to Thin as a pencil yet can store 3500 books/newspapers/magazines or documents Battery life good for a mission to the moon at 30 days Kindle will read to you when you get tired Wi-Fi and PDF built in Complete with keyboard annotate books/documents Download a book in 60 secs

Apple I-Pad

    This has a much larger display at 9.7 inches Full colour backlit touch-screen technology Up to 64GB memory capacity (optional) Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Battery life of a very reasonable 10 hours Play games on it with tilt and touch-screen Read books magazines and newspapers Watch a movie View full colour HD pictures Surf the internet If you like Apps, then this is where it’s at Very comprehensive, good looking quality device

These two electronic reader devices do not really compete with each other. One is much more dedicated to actually being an e-reader the other is multi-functional and has the capacity to read e-books almost as an afterthought.

It all comes down to what you will need it for. The Apple could almost make your computer redundant whilst travelling as it will function adequately as such thus combing two gadgets within a very small unit. Perhaps this is a glimpse into the future of the market.

So for the best ebook reader , the choice depends largely on whether you really need all the extra options that the Apple gives you or settle for an e-reader that is simple and supremely effective at what it does.

Some pros and cons for both units:


    Kindle requires artificial light for night time reading Black and white screen only Not a touch-screen Limited performance in web-browsing

Apple I-Pad

    Battery life could pose a problem with so much going on Glossy screen presents a problem in direct sunlight with reflection The Apple will not really replace your laptop, that’s the future Printing from the I-Pad is problematic Price

Best ebook reader ? From what has been considered here it becomes obvious that these two devices are at the extremes of the e-book reading market and should not really be compared with each other. It will be best to look into a comparison between gadgets that are more like for like. It is highly recommended that you do more research on this subject as it will give you a much better chance of ending up with the best ebook reader.


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