Android 444 Car DVD Player


Android 444 Car DVD Player

We all know that Android system is open to us. And you can get free Android APP. The Android system is also widely applied to car DVD player and car GPS. The Android car DVD player will definitely be a new trend in the car DVD player market. And we know that the 4.2.2 Android head units meet with great favor. Now we release a more powerful one. Android 4.4.4 car DVD player, and you may find that the function is still the same. But they are quite different, and their price is also different.

As we can see the Android has release 5 version of Android system.They improve it because they want it be more powerful and perfect. The 4.4.4 Android head unit is more speedy and more smooth. We would like to introduce the Android 4.4.4 head unit to you. It will be a better choice of you. Lets check it. The following is the function of the car DVD player.

-Android 4.4.4 OS

-Capacitive Touch Screen

-Support Wifi & 3G Connection

-Support Ipod Function

-86 Car Opening Logos Optional

-8 Dynamic Background Pictures

-Fully DIY Buttons Colors

-Support Bluetooth Contact Search Function

You can search the internet on it if its 3G and wifi connected. And you can download various APP on the Android 4.4.4 operation system, such as FB, Youtube and other kinds of games.

And you can connect you ipod ot iphone on the head unit. And you can DIY the button lights color.And there are many logo for your to choose. You will also like the cool dynamic background pictures. You can also set the background as you like. now matter you’ re playing rock and roll, R&B, or light music, you can always find the back ground you love to match! More beautiful and flexible!The pure Android system is more stable than Android windows system.

Since one of the important feature of a car DVD player is GPS. We would like to tell you how to use the GPS function. There are 4 optional way for you:

1.Offline Maps — You can download a map online, install it, and use it easily even without network.

2.Access Free Online Maps via WiFi or 3G net work, such as Google Map.

3.Buy an Android version map with a SD card, such as MapKing, insert it into GPS SD slot of the Android unit, set the navigation path and then run GPS as general GPS models do.

4.Use Screen Mirroring function, you can Sync the Map of your Phone to show on Android Car Stereo for larger display directly.

It has screen mirroring function.First, please take note that the had unit cant support some Android phone above 4.4 Android system, it cant support phone such as Samsung S4, or S5. Via screen mirroring, you can synchronize any content from your smart phone to display on the car DVD player big screen wireless, including map, game, picture,music, apps, etc.

Different from other ordinary car DVD players it can support video with higher resolution.

Are you thinking of taking an Android car DVD player ? Dont hesitate. You can enjoy it earlier if you buy it earlier. Install an Android car DVD player , enjoy more fan on the road.


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