A Sample Of What Makes A Great Car Stereo


A Sample Of What Makes A Great Car Stereo

Factory installed head units are terrible; we all know that. They’re made of the cheapest possible materials with a limited (in an entirely generous sense of the word) amount of features and a wholly unimpressive amount of gizmo’s. So, what you really need to do is simple: buy yourself a fancy new one that actually plays your music at an audible level above the minimum decibel platform that the human ear can handle. But just what should you be looking for? Read on to find out.

Sound Quality

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new head unit is the sound quality it emits. There’s really little point in spending good money on a stereo system that offers marginally better quality than what you are already blessed with. The test for sound quality is simple: turn a known-to-be-basey track up to full volume and just listen (if you can) to what it sounds like. If you’re satisfied with the sound at this high volume then you may have found the right head unit for you; if not, then just keep looking, carrying out the same ‘oh-so’ reliable test.


As well as the actually quality of the sound that the head unit transmits, you want it to look the part. Nowadays specific features and technical wonders are what constitute to a piece of technology being considered ‘up-market’; contrast this with fifteen years ago when, quite frankly, people didn’t give a monkeys what the damned thing looked like shopping for a car stereo is somewhat more of a task today. Be sure to enquire and test out any (or all) of the features that your perspective new stereo system has; do you like them? Are they really necessary? Do they look ridiculous? Only you, as the buyer, are able to answer those questions and the only way to find out is to test them.

Media Formats

Chances are if you’re purchasing a fancy, all-singing-all-dancing portable rave machine for your car you’re going to want something little more than just an AM/FM radio. Today you can get all sorts, varying from auxiliary cables to tape decks and even CDjay software. Make sure you check exactly what is it you’re buying before going ahead with the transaction; it sounds patronising but you’ll be bitterly disappointment if what you end up buying doesn’t deliver what you actually want it for!

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