A Brief Overview Of Fibre Cabling


A Brief Overview Of Fibre Cabling

Fiber cabling is the modern-day cabling solution that enables network operators, enterprises and installers to cost-effectively set up a fiber infrastructure. The specialty of Optical Fiber Cables is that they are available in single-mode as well as multimode; thereby, easily fit almost any application at the same time as supporting the scalable bandwidth and the advanced broadband transmission.

The Applications:

The application areas of Optical Fiber Cables include:

* Data centers

* Telecommunications carriers

* CATV and video operators

* Enterprises & government agencies

* Nuclear power generation plants

* Municipalities (federal, state, and local)

The Construction: Filling Compound:

The interstices between the fiber optic unit and the cable are filled using an appropriate compound so as to reject moisture ingress or linear water passage along the Optical Fiber Cable or inside the fiber optic unit. For proper filling, the following points have to be taken into account:

* Any filling compound used for the interstices should be non-hazardous and impermeable.

* The compound should also be free of foreign matter and dirt.

* It should be anti-hygroscopic and electrically nonconductive.

* The compound must be non-nutritive to mildew or fungus and it must be compatible with all cable components.

* It should also slow down the formation of hydrogen inside the cable.

* It must not drip and should remain stable in ambient temperature up to +70C.

* The material should also not leak or deform due to change in the temperature.

The Inner jacket

The inner jacket, also known as sheath, is usually black in color and has smooth finishing. This concentric sheath has to be free from holes, cuts, abrasion and other surface defects. Also, the sheath is non-hygroscopic and has to be directly extruded over the innermost fibre optic component. The design of the fiber optic cable sheath is weather resistant and allows easy removal without any damage.

The Outer Jacket:

Fiber Cables consist of circular jacket. This outer jacket, applied over the sheath, is typically made of Polymide or Nylone. The outer covering has smooth finish and is termite resistant.

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