5 Ways to Help Improve Typing Speed


5 Ways to Help Improve Typing Speed

Improving the typing speed is possible with proper training or self practice using free tools and tests online. Typing as a skill is required in many careers and becoming proficient is possible for most with time and dedication. Here are five suggestions to help improve the typing speed:


An efficient way to increase the typing speed is to take a typing class. A typing class is based in a traditional classroom or web-based environment. The skill level can range from absolute beginner to highly competent. A professional course will give access to typing veterans who offer the best possible chance of increasing the speed as fast as possible. Also, for a more relaxed and leisurely teaching environment, the web-based option can be a practical choice for many.

Good posture

A proper sitting position is certain to help with feeling comfortable and concentrating on the typing accuracy and speed. Also, getting in a habit of good posture means it is possible to type for longer without feeling aches or pains.


Learn touch typing and stop looking at the keys every time you use the keyboard. Use both hands when typing to help increase the typing speed. A 2 fingered approach is certain to slow you down. By learning the home row keys for placing the hands, you will soon start to use the proper typing techniques. Start typing with the left hand fingers on A, S, D, and F and J, K, L, and; for the right hand. Typing from memory can be difficult at first, but with regular training it should start to become second nature.

Speed tests

Make regular use of the typing-speed tests which are widely available and free to use online. By taking the tests are regular intervals you can get a better appreciation of how well the typing progression is advancing. Also, these tests can often give feedback to help with identifying which areas need more time invested.


Put in the time to practice typing by using a variety of PC tools or online destinations. Regular practice is certain to help with becoming familiar with the key layout. Interactive and typing games offer a fun and interesting way to help improve the typing skills. Also, a great method to learn to type is to copy text from a magazine or book. This makes it easier to concentrate on the actual typing and not on want is being typed.


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