The Electronic Cigarette

In this article I will talk about the pro’s and the cons of the electronic cigarettes on the market today. I have experimented with several of them. while some have been an enjoyable experience, others have just plunged down to the very bottom of my list. Some have offered several variations, while others were basically a “you get what we got, take it or leave it” kind of concept.

Electronic cigarettes are made up of three different parts. A battery, a nebulizer or atomizer, and a cartridge. Continue reading The Electronic Cigarette

The Ultimate HTPC Guide

    HTPC, which stands for Home Theater PC, is becoming a popular trend in the field of home entertainment. The integration of the PC, or Laptop, with a home theater and an HDTV promises a better-than-ever audio-video experience. That, however, is only if you know how to build one, and set it up for optimum performance. This ultimate HTPC guide will familiarize you with some of the basics of HTPC, ways to build an HTPC right from scratch, and what components you should use. Continue reading The Ultimate HTPC Guide

How to Fix Print Ticket Services Module Errors

How to Fix Print Ticket Services Module Errors

Though you probably think that the problem you’re facing right now is quite rare, it actually isn’t. Countless people throughout the world wish to fix prntvpt.dll errors. Well, unlike most of them, you’ve stumbled upon this article. You’ve found a guide that not only tells you how to solve the issue, but also makes you more knowledgeable about the DLL.

Knowing for Certain

So, how do you know if your PC’s “pmtvpt” file needs fixing? You just have to check whether these error messages appear on your computer screen:

    Prntvpt.dll is missingPrntvpt.dll could not be foundPrntvpt.dll not foundCannot load “prntvpt.dll”The program cannot start because prntvpt.dll is missing from your computer.

Learn More about the DLL

What exactly is prntvpt? Where is it located? It is a Dynamic Link Library file that is used in Windows operating systems such as XP, Vista, and 7. Continue reading How to Fix Print Ticket Services Module Errors