How to Fix These Common Computer Errors

For many, blue is a color represents either calm serenity or a stable and trustworthy nature. Everywhere between big financial institutions and quaint little chapels with traditional brides, blue hues are a welcome sight. Everywhere, that is, except on one’s computer screen. The so-called blue screen of death brings no joy to anyone unlucky enough to chance upon it in the middle of an important project or task. A blue screen is typically the sign of a serious system crash. The presence of one on the screen means that something is stopping the operating system from functioning any further. Continue reading How to Fix These Common Computer Errors

The Increasing Interest In Integrated Security

There has been an increasing interest in integrated security the previous years. This is because of significant advancements in the technological field, enabling most businesses to adopt an integrated security approach that can effectively provide protection in a variety of situations.

Briefly, the concept of integrated security refers to the ideal situation where different and physically separated security measures are connected to one another. In the process, harmony and cooperation are promoted among the various security systems, a scenario which is hardly achieved when individual security networks perform independently of each other. Continue reading The Increasing Interest In Integrated Security

A Brief Overview Of Fibre Cabling

A Brief Overview Of Fibre Cabling

Fiber cabling is the modern-day cabling solution that enables network operators, enterprises and installers to cost-effectively set up a fiber infrastructure. The specialty of Optical Fiber Cables is that they are available in single-mode as well as multimode; thereby, easily fit almost any application at the same time as supporting the scalable bandwidth and the advanced broadband transmission.

The Applications:

The application areas of Optical Fiber Cables include:

* Data centers

* Telecommunications carriers

* CATV and video operators

* Enterprises & government agencies

* Nuclear power generation plants

* Municipalities (federal, state, and local)

The Construction: Filling Compound:

The interstices between the fiber optic unit and the cable are filled using an appropriate compound so as to reject moisture ingress or linear water passage along the Optical Fiber Cable or inside the fiber optic unit. Continue reading A Brief Overview Of Fibre Cabling

In-House IT Support Staff – Are They a Thing of Yesterday?

Way back in the 1960s and 1970s, when Information Technology (IT) was still referred to as Data Processing, many organisations began to debate whether or not it was really a good idea to maintain large internal DP (IT) departments.

There were and are, many challenges associated with doing so including:

• Highly-proficient technical staff are typically hard to find;

• As demand for the top IT staff exceeds supply, salaries and associated benefits are amongst some of the highest outside of executive business remuneration segments;

• As the IT environment changes so quickly, there is a very high and expensive overhead for employers in constant top-up retraining of their IT staff;

• Unsurprisingly, when competition for skilled technicians is so high, staff retention is a major challenge;

• An establishment needs to have a certain degree of expensive ‘surplus resource’ in order to be able to cope with holidays and sickness absences.

None of these issues have really changed in 50 years, in terms of debates relating to IT support staff.

It’s perhaps true to say that in the early decades of the industry’s development, many organisations chose to opt for building and maintaining an in-house establishment. Continue reading In-House IT Support Staff – Are They a Thing of Yesterday?