News Update Specks Fitfolio Kindle Fire Cover

There was some new update post about this new cover and I thought I’d write a quick review and give my personal opinion on the newly released cover… So here it goes!

I honestly see this kindle fire cover to be almost the same thing as the Kindle Fire Leather Cover, but not near as good. First off this SPecks Fitfolio kindle fire cover is made of hard shell, I personally dislike hardshells! It’s so tacky and cheap looking and really how well does hard shells hold up? Not that well in my opinion. Continue reading News Update Specks Fitfolio Kindle Fire Cover

Choosing a GPS for Motorcycles – Understanding Important GPS Features, Satellite Coverage and Other Considerations

Buyer Beware Before Buying Your First Electronic Cigarette

Buyer Beware Before Buying Your First Electronic Cigarette

There are many electronic cigarette companies popping up online that want to capitalize on a growing industry by ripping people off.  Chances are, if the company is offering an electronic cigarette for free, they are using a business-model that is designed to take your money month after month.  Buyers should avoid joining one of these electronic cigarette clubs.

If you dont know anything about electronic cigarettes, chances are that your first inquiry into a search engine will land you on a page to one of these electronic cigarette clubs.  Thats because of the money-making opportunities that selling electronic cigarettes provide.  These electronic cigarette clubs want to capitalize the market using affiliate marketing and convince customers that they need to buy replacement supplies from one, and only one, company.  Electronic cigarette clubs want you to use their cheaply made electronic cigarette model and buy a continuing supply of electronic cigarette cartridges containing the liquid that produces the vapor.

Any electronic cigarette-user who buys from a reputable merchant knows that replacing cartridges constantly as a means to replenish their supply of e-liquid is a waste of money.  You only need one cartridge, possibly a few fresh e-cartridges for backup, with your electronic cigarette.  When the cartridge runs out of e-liquid, or becomes dry, you simply add more liquid to your cartridge using a supply of the e-liquid flavor of your choice from your favorite reputable electronic cigarette e-liquid merchant.  They come in bottles up to 30 ml for less than $20.  Electronic Cigarette users just drip the liquid onto the cartridge filter and they are good to go.  This is the preferred method of replenishing an electronic cigarette liquid supply by thousands of electronic cigarette users around the world.  If a company requires you to buy an abundant supply of cartridges each month so that you can keep using your electronic cigarette, leave the website immediately.

Electronic cigarette clubs sell a poor-quality electronic cigarette branded with their company logo.  These low-end electronic cigarettes are made with the cheapest parts on the market.  This is why many of them can simply give the product away.  These companies market their products as state-of-art, high-quality and give a potential buyer several sales pitches to convince them that they will be 100% satisfied with the product.  Many buyers who fall for these sales tactics end up with a product in their hands that mocks the electronic cigarette industry.  Many smokers will try these low-end electronic cigarette models for their very first electronic cigarette experience and be left thinking, well that was a cute little toy, but Id rather smoke my real cigarettes.  They then have to jump through some hoops to opt-out of the cartridge subscription club that they just signed up for.

Do you know what an affiliate program is?  An affiliate program is designed to give independent salesmen the opportunity to advertise a companys product in return for a commission.  When selling a physical product, an affiliate can expect between 5% and 10% commissions.  When it comes to these electronic cigarette clubs, they have affiliate programs that pay their affiliates up to 40% commission.  Thats too good of an opportunity to pass up for many affiliate professionals, so the industry has become saturated with online ads, tv ads, radio ads, billboards and countless other advertising mediums designed to land new customers to be forwarded through an affiliate channel to buy an electronic cigarette from these clubs.

Does a company that offers a 40% sales commission to new customer leads sound like a company that sells high-quality products at competitive prices?  These electronic cigarette companies just want to capitalize on an opportunity to make a lot of money on a growing industry with a business-model that has worked in the past with other hot new industries.  These companies dont last forever.  Fewer people will have to ask, “What is an electronic cigarette ?”  As the electronic cigarette industry grows, these companies will no longer be able to compete with reputable electronic cigarette merchants that cater to the needs of their customers.  When that happens, these electronic cigarette club founders will pack their bags and move onto ripping people off in the next hot-new-product industry.

There are many reputable electronic cigarette merchants online today.  You can know when you found one because they have an online store with products, oftentimes selling a variety of different brands of electronic cigarettes, not just one model.  All their products have a price and there is nothing to sign up for or membership to subscribe to.  If you make a purchase from a reputable electronic cigarette merchant, you are not required to purchase anything from them in the future.  You control your credit card spending when you buy from a reputable electronic cigarette merchant.  If you want a positive experience when trying electronic cigarettes for the first time, do your homework, find out what electronic cigarette models people enjoy , and buy from a reputable dealer.  Stay away from club programs.

For more information about electronic cigarettes and reviews of electronic cigarette models, parts and accessories, visit

Capex Verses Opex: Making the Right Decision

We are coming out of the financial crisis and things are starting to turn around, but money is still tight. Deciding what to spend money on lies at the heart of success for many businesses and it’s something that IT directors and CFOs everywhere are having to come to grips with.

What do we mean by capex and opex?

Capex stands for capital expenditure and it involves the money you spend on things like buildings, machinery and other facilities. Operational expenditure, or opex, is the money you spend on things like the day to day running costs such as wages, utilities and repairs.

How capex and opex figure in IT support

In the past, Directors favoured capital expenditure when it came to IT infrastructure because they have control of how it is gradually paid off and can keep track of the depreciation over time. Continue reading Capex Verses Opex: Making the Right Decision

How to Fix Windows Application Errors

How to Fix Windows Application Errors

“Advapi32” is one of the DLL files installed with the Windows Application Programming Interface (API) to load specific programs. It works in executing Advanced “Windows32” core APIs with various common controls in the DLL library. Being a component that works with multiple programs, this file has a high tendency of encountering errors due to being corrupted or after uninstalling programs.

Fortunately, resolving these issues is easy through numerous workarounds like the following:

Knowing the Probable Causes

DLL-related issues like the “Advapi32” process idle tasks can have numerous causes. Continue reading How to Fix Windows Application Errors

For Heidelberg Used Machine Contact Icon Global Today!

Heidelberg is one of the most widely famous company for printing machinery and more so because it gives high quality and with it facilitates multi-color products too. Printing market no different from any other industry has fast become one of the most competitive markets. But, buying a pre-owned printing machine becomes a huge tussle in itself. However, no printing house can compromise with the selection of any machinery. Here is where experienced used Printing machine companies like Icon Global stands out to be a best option.

Icon Global Machinery offers some of the most exclusive collections of used printing machines of reputed companies and under which Heidelberg is one integral brand they deal with. Continue reading For Heidelberg Used Machine Contact Icon Global Today!

What Are The Best Kindle Covers?

Okay, so you have bought your Amazon Kindle and now you face the exciting choice of which kindle cover to choose, and lets be honest you need to cover these kindles because they are very petite and easily scraped and scratched. There is a huge range available from multiple producers but which one is right for you? We are gong to discuss a few of the options.

In my opinion there are three main contenders, Amazons very own Kindle Lighted Cover, the Tuff-Luv Kindle covers and the M-edge kindle covers. Continue reading What Are The Best Kindle Covers?

The Best Digital Picture Frame – A Buyers Guide.

I would like to talk to you about some of the best digital picture frames you can now get your hands on and also what to look out for when buying one.

The best digital picture frames will let you store and display all your favourite photographic memories in one place. Why have one photo and one frame when you can now have one attractive looking frame with 100’s of pictures to choose from, or even view as a slide show.

You will, I’m sure, have noticed that there are literally hundreds of digital frames to choose from and as with any piece of technology finding the best and making sense of all the jargon can be a bit of a minefield.

You need to ask yourself a few questions, such as, ‘what size screen do I need?’, ‘how much storage is enough?’ and ‘how much should I be spending?’.

What size screen?My personal opinion is that the best digital picture frames tend to be the ones with the bigger screens. Continue reading The Best Digital Picture Frame – A Buyers Guide.

How to Fix “Watchdog” Errors

How to Fix

Some of us may have worked with a computer for a very long time. Of course, those who have had their fair share of computer troubles know that there are certain sensitive parts of the system that shouldn’t be meddled with. One such part is the fragile “system32” folder that could either get corrupted or accidentally deleted with reckless handling or running of applications, such as registry cleaners.

And what happens when we suddenly delete or corrupt that folder? The dreaded “BSOD” (Blue Screen of Death) appears. Continue reading How to Fix “Watchdog” Errors

5 Ways to Help Improve Typing Speed

5 Ways to Help Improve Typing Speed

Improving the typing speed is possible with proper training or self practice using free tools and tests online. Typing as a skill is required in many careers and becoming proficient is possible for most with time and dedication. Here are five suggestions to help improve the typing speed:


An efficient way to increase the typing speed is to take a typing class. Continue reading 5 Ways to Help Improve Typing Speed